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About PRT (aka HW support for virtual textures) OGL/DX extension support?

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partial resident textures..

Sorry but seeing leaked slides of 7900 series is partial resident textures support (PRT) as it isn't in dx 11.1 nor ogl 4.2 is AMD expose in OpenGL as an extension and also DX extension similar to AMD DX QB stereo extension?..

if yes it's coming extension soon to OGL driver or already present? if present how to obtain info on extension?

Also when can expect dx 11.1 support for 7900 cards exposed in Windows 8 drivers by Beta release?

  • About PRT (aka HW support for virtual textures) OGL/DX extension support?
    gsellers Moderator
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    Right, partially resident textures aren't part of DX11(.1), nor part of core OpenGL. They will be exposed as an OpenGL extension. The extension will be made available on Radeon HD 7xxx products in an upcoming driver release.

    I can't really speak for the DX side of things (I'm the OpenGL guy), so I'm not sure what the plans are for PRT in DX or the timing for DX11.1.



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