• Opengl interop / clCreateContextFromType segfault

    Hi,   i recently did an ill advised updated of my Debian (sid) installation. This caused my OpenCL/OpenGL interoperability to be broken, and i wonder if anyone else is experiencing this ...   The call to c...
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  • Maths in double precision gives me different results on AMD and NVIDIA

    Hi everyone,   I made a porting a Cellular Automaton from CPU to GPU, I'm using OpenCL and I have the following hardware: CPU Xeon 8 core GPU NVIDIA k20c GPU AMD R9 280x   The porting is completed but t...
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  • How to use GpuPerfStudio 3 to get gpu info from Chrome running a WebGL application ?

    The server process sends messages to the client but the client application selection dialog stays empty. Chrome consists of multiple processes may be that is the issue. There is a commandline option --single-process...
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  • PerfStudio 3.0 with 3DMark11/3DMark ?

    Does Perfstudio 3.0 not work with 3dmark11/3dmark/vantage? I am trying to launch those applications to capture some frames but always ending up with "Failed to launch application" error.   Attached Screenshots o...
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  • segmentation fault inside clBuildProgram (bug demonstration attached)

    I have a particular OpenCL program that is revealing a bug with clBuildProgam for AMD CPU device.  After several recent code changes, my OpenCL kernel/program will compile just fine on Apple and NVIDIA platforms,...
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  • Blender Cycles(Opencl on AMD GPUS)

    Dear Opencl Developer Why doesn't the AMD opencl compiler work with blender cycles? whenever i compile the blender cycles kernel, the system either crashes due to lack of memory, or takes too long to compile the ble...
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  • SVM virtualization problem ( intercepting CPUID )

    Hi everybody. I got some problems while intercepting CPUID, somethimes it works without any problems, but sometimes processor hangs(freezes). where's part of code:   maybe i'am doing something wrong?Or maybe ...
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  • The techniques to guard buffers against overflow

    Hi there, my Friends.   here, i'd like to discuss the possible & the best techniques for subj. 1st & foremost, i would like to share my humble approach to protect buffers.   code: https://sourcef...
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  • About INTR intercept in  the XEN HVM with SVM

    How does xen intercept the phyical INTR Hi, guys. In XEN VMM, when running a guest with SVM support, the vmm excutes clgi to mask the interrupt and excutes stgi when guest exit.(in the code arch/x86/hvm/Svm/entry.S...
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  • List of platforms supported by OpenCL 2.0 driver

    We have updated the list of AMD products supported by the early release of the OpenCL 2.0 driver. You can find that list here:   The original page listed supported product families, but in some cases particular ...
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  • How can I force a workgroup to be swapped out for another?

    I am working on partially ordering work group execution order using atomics and need a way to instruct one work group to wait on another workgroup. To achieve this, the waiting work group busy waits on an atomic value...
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  • [D3D11] DrawInstancedIndirect slower than DrawInstanced with the same parameters on R9 290

    Hi everyone.   I'm drawing a lot of geometries in one draw call using the DrawInstanced function, and I wanted to add GPU culling. My first step was to use the DrawInstancedIndirect function, with an indirect b...
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  • Grayed out "other" in Hottest display

    When profiling my code, I get a grayed out "other" category displaying in the Hottest Functions and Hottest Modules. What does this represent? Why does it show up? Is there any way I can turn this "other" into somethi...
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  • GPUPerfAPI 2.14 will not work with 7970 and OpenGL

    I am trying to use GPUPerfAPI 2.14 in an OpenGL application with a 7970 card.  I have tried both the Catalyst 12.8 and Catalyst 14.7 drivers.  It acts the same on both.  After calling GPA_Initialize(), ...
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  • OpenCL™ 2.0 is here!

    Unfortunately, it is from Intel. When will AMD release OpenCL 2.0 support for AMD APU?   OpenCL™ 2.0 is here! Download the Release 2 of Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications 2014
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  • Black screen TF2

    On October 1, 2014, and update had been added to Team Fortress 2. I believe there are compatibility issues for Linux users using AMD drivers because that is what most are claiming they have. There may have been an upd...
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  • possible OpenCl compiler bug

    Hi,   I have come across a possible compiler issue which is present in the attached kernels. The two kernels differ how work is mapped to the threads. Requiring a work group size of 256; the difference in the ke...
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  • How can I run a kernel with cpu device ?

    Hiiii, I'm trying  to run a OpenCL code on multi2sim . I can run a kernel on gnu, like this : ret = clGetDeviceIDs(platform_id, CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU, 1, &device_id, &ret_num_devices); But when I run a k...
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  • Thermal Specifications and security measures

    Hello, I'm starting to develop some tools for monitoring hardware components stability and I have some doubts I would like to clear. First, does all amd graphic card implement some security measures to avoid overheat...
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  • How to get the status of multi-monitor by W600 video card / SDK?

      Dear All   Hello.   I would like to ask some questions from you, I need you your help.   Thanks a lot.     Background: We have a lot of monitors was placed each garage. ...
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