• AMD, OpenGL and id tech 4 / 5 engines

    I filed a bug report a long while ago, about Doom 3 BFG not working on WinXP. It was never answered, but that no longer matters since WinXP is now obsolete. I am hoping that AMD still supports OpenGL and is interested...
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  • Old ATI DX9 Tessellation SDK

    Hi. May be someone can share "Terrain Rendering" sample from old DX9 Tessellation SDK DX9 Tessellation SDK | AMD Developer Central I looked everywhere and could not find it. The file in web archive is broken.
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  • SDI Link From AJA Kona 3G Card To FirePRO

    Hello, I am interested in capturing SDI video using Kona 3G card to FirePRO card. Can you please tell me how I can get access to the SDILink SDK, and how it is licensed? Also, are there other capture boards that su...
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  • How do I get access to the SDILink SDK ?

    Interested in connecting an SDI capture board to a FirePRO GPU.
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  • ADL2_Overdrive6_Temperature_Get and X server

    Hi all!   I run C/OpenCL codes for some calculations on a remote Linux machine. I want to monitor GPU temperature, so if it gets too high, the code execution stops. But sadly, ADL function ADL2_Overdrive6_Temper...
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  • Is there any opensource for JPEG decoding in GPU(AMD)?

    Hello.   I'am looking for opensource or sample code JPEG decoding in GPU(AMD).   I work for a company which develop image transfer using network.   And, I have to develop Jpeg Decoder in GPU.  ...
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  • Catalyst Omega Driver 14.501 and Ubuntu 14.10

    Folks,   For the Linux Catalyst Omega driver we have had reports of a problem, which we have replicated. The installer defaults to an unsupported configuration. I wanted to proactively let you know about this. &n...
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  • Guide to run OpenCL headless, without X server and as normal user

    EDIT: this guide is no more relevant as from catalyst 14.12 omega it is supported to run OpenCL applications without Xserver. read discussion below.   You may know that you can run OpenCL program as root without...
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  • Work groups per compute unit

    Hi everybody, I would ask you about the number of work groups per compute unit. I read so many times the sentence: "a processing resource capable of supporting a work-Group is called compute unit. Each work-Group ex...
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  • Profiling opencl high level libraries like vexCL

    Most high level opencl libraries generate the opencl kernel at runtime. but i'm wondering how you can profile these libraries.   the libraries i'm talking about are boost.compute, vexCL , viennaCL.   Cod...
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  • Media SDK v1.1 Now available

    Version 1.1 introduces the AMD Media Framework (AMF) library for video encoding and decoding. You can read about it in our blog post, or get the bits at the Media SDK page.   The blog surveys some of the example...
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  • Digital Video Pipeline

    A bit off topic, but: I am interested in building a digital video pipeline using AMD hardware.   See this link for NVidia pipeline:   NVIDIA Quadro Digital Video Pipeline for Broadcasting | NVIDIA   ...
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  • Number of active work_groups during the execution

    Dear all,   I'm wondering about the number of active work_groups during the kernel execution on GPU. Let's assume that my GPU have 20 compute units. On this GPU I'm executing a kernel for which the work-group si...
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  • OpenCL 2.0 Atomics and fine-grain system SVM not available on Lenovo E555 (A8-7100 APU)?

    Hi there,   Very recently I bought the budget "business" laptop referred to in the title to this thread. It's obviously no beefy hardware and does not come with an additional cross-fire dGPU. I bought it neverth...
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  • Binary produced for Hawaii with CL_CONTEXT_OFFLINE_DEVICES_AMD is not working correctly in Catalyst 14.12

    We ship our applications with a number of binaries for different GPUs. The binaries are produced by compiling source OpenCL files with clBuildProgram ("-fno-bin-source -fno-bin-llvmir -fno-bin-amdil -fbin-exe") in a c...
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  • Can an OpenGL app default to the discrete GPU on an Enduro system?

    On a laptop with NVidia Optimus, there a several methods to get an OpenGL application to default to the discrete GPU, rather than the Intel integrated GPU.  The easiest method is to export NvOptimusEnablement fro...
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  • HSA Linux kernel driver v0.8 released

    AMD Releases HSA Linux kernel driver v0.8 at HSAFoundation/HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD · GitHub. What's New in kfd v0.8 Based on kernel 3.14.11 Supports HSA signals (kfd events) Enable allocating memory from GPU l...
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  • Procedure entry point error?

    Hello I am trying to run the openCL sample programs. Environment: Windows 7 (64-bit)        APP SDK V 2.8   VS 2008 Prof Edition The Hello world program ran successfully...
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  • OpenCL - GPU to GPU transfer

    Hello, I am working on a DirectX 11 (might possibly port to other APIs) application utilizing multiple GPU's for rendering and I need a mechanism to exchenge data between them. Because Mantle is still not out, I need...
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  • Enhance performance of Ruby hash key lookup with HSA

    Ruby is known for having "slow" performance and I thought it would be interesting to see what HSA could do for Ruby hash lookups -- specifically in this function here: ruby/st.c at trunk · ruby/ruby · Gi...
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