• Blender Cycles(Opencl on AMD GPUS)

    Dear Opencl Developer Why doesn't the AMD opencl compiler work with blender cycles? whenever i compile the blender cycles kernel, the system either crashes due to lack of memory, or takes too long to compile the ble...
    nazim mer
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  • clBuildProgram crashes on simple kernel

    I am running windows 7 64 bit on intel cpu with AMD HD 7700 series GPU.   I have the Intel OpenCL SDK 2014 integrated into Visual Studio.   When I try to build the following simple kernel targetting the GP...
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  • Kernel fail with other than en_US locale

    I have raytracer which doesn't produce correct results when locale is set to sk_SK.UTF-8 which use colon as decimal point. I attached kernel which is affected. If I set LANG=C or en_US.UTF-8 it produce correct results...
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  • Problem with w600 on 6 screen

    Hello guys,   I really need help here. Currently i have a Dell T5500 install with w600 card. I want to project 6 Orion MIS4220 display. The connection is via DVI port. When i connect the first port to the first ...
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  • ACML 6 example segfaults

    Hello, Many of the example programs for ACML 6 are compiling fine but then terminating with segfaults. Specifically, the following are not working for me: cgels_c_example.exe cgesv_c_example.exe dgesdd_c_exampl...
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  • Please provide a recent build of ACML for CentOS 6

    CentOS 6 (or whatever RHEL 6 you like) is a very popular enterprise Linux distribution.  I need a recent version of ACML which works on this platform.  By recent, I mean, supports LAPACK versions >= 3.2.&...
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  • Adventures in headless OpenCL support in Linux

    Hello all, this is more of a bug report than a question.   I've noticed that finally since 14.4 (and maybe some driver versions before this), headless OpenCL finally works, under some specific circumstances. &nb...
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  • aoc2 bitcode

    Hi,   I'm working with the compiler stack and using aoc2 to offline compile a opencl kernel. I'd like to have aoc2 spit out bit code that has been transformed by the passes to see if an optimization pass has ch...
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  • Toggle debug-pass llvm

    Hi all,   I'm working with the OpenCL compiler stack, and I wanted to turn on the llvm flag "--debug-pass". I'm not sure how to activate it from the commandline if I am using say aoc, or aoc2. I know I need to ...
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  • ¿VCE Speed?

    Hello, By using VCE for transcoding, which is the difference between a Kaveri APUs (eg A10-7850K) and Kabini APUs (5350 Athlon, Sempron 2650)? What are the parameters that influence the encoding speed? Processor s...
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  • result image from SimpleImage sample has artifacts

    Hi!   I started learning OpenCL two days ago in Java with LJWGL. I loosely based by learning project program after the SimpleImage example that came with AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-Windows-64. It does the same thing: just...
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  • GLSL Switch() Bug?

    Well I've tried this on at least 2 AMD GPUs and get the same error so:   When using a component of a vector in a switch statement, AMD's glsl compiler complains about it being nonscalar. It works fine on Nvidia ...
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  • W600 vs. (3x) 2270

    Hi,   We are planing a large video wall with 6 video projectors at 720p = 1280 x 720. In idle mode the wall will act as a single entity and will display a huge image with some animations. In the "interactive" mo...
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  • W600 - PCIe 3.0

    Hi,   Is it mandatory to have a PCIe 3.0 slot for the W600?   The AMD chipsets only support PCIe 2.0   Ideas? Go for a chipset that supports PCIe 3.0?   Cheers!
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  • The peak performance of integer operation

    Hi, I am working on video codec using GPUs. Since most the operation in video encoding/decoding is integer, I would like to know what is the peak performance on AMD GPUs. I expect some table like this in nvidia Prog...
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  • A6-1540 "Green" Softcore APU (CPU+GPU+FPGA/ASM)?

    Shouldn't AMD consider for the A6-1540 adding an additional "green" (eg. nVidia Jetson) softcore (FPGA) optimized for assembler?
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  • PerfStudio 2.15.2095: API Trace for multiple contexts for OpenGL 3.3

    How is it possible to activate an api trace for each shared context? Currently, it seems that all the commands I send to multiple contexts are streamlined into one api trace time line...   CodeXL shows all shar...
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  • why the gl_ClipDistance[] doesn't work?

    I just can't understand why the gl_ClipDistance doesn't work. The result is the same as I didn't set the gl_ClipDistance.   I had set "glEnable(GL_CLIP_DISTANCE0) ;glEnable(GL_CLIP_DISTANCE1) ;"by application. &...
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  • OpenCL program crash

    Hello to everyone,   I am trying to figure out why my opencl program crash and it seem very strange I made these test   #define TTPROGRAMDATA  __global struct TProgramData  ...   // WORK OK...
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  • Probleme mit 3D-Darstellung AMD FirePro W7000 (FireGL V)

    Hallo,   arbeite viel mit 3D-CAD-Programm und habe die Grafikkarte AMD FirePro W7000 (FireGL V) unter Windows 7 64Bit... Problem: Es werden Flächen beim drehen in bestimmten Ebenen dargestellt die es nicht...
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