• Open Firmware

    Is there documentation available to assist with writing Open Firmware boot drivers for AMD Radeon cards?   Nothing fancy, just enough for the card to register on the PCI bus to display a console, no 3D accel. &n...
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  • Few problems with new release 1.5.6571.0

    - Debugger still does not work for me, it locks up Visual Studio, CodeXL crashes inside clBuildProgram. The same program runs fine normally. I read somewhere that the previous version had problems with the latest rade...
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  • How to make GPU PerfStudio & GLEW play nicely?

    I have a basic application which runs just fine, uses OpenGL 4.3 core profile & GLEW 1.11.0. However, when I run it through GPU PerfStudio, it crashes right on glewInit, yielding an error saying "Missing GL versi...
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  • Is there any way to modify the OpenCL kernel during run-time?

    Hi.   I start to grabbing the OpenCL and I have a question. Is there any way to modify the OpenCL kernel in assembler level during run-time?   I saw some posts that there is a few ways byusing llvm, but I...
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  • Ubuntu 14.04 Release: OpenCL cannot see cards

    Hi,   I have installed today the official Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 release. I downloaded and installed latest beta AMD driver and AMD APP SDK. Here is aticonfig --lsa: ~$ sudo aticonfig --lsa* 0. 01:00.0 AMD Radeon...
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  • Best memory layout for RGBA data in local memory?

    What is the best way of layout this out in local memory to reduce bank conflicts ? I was thinking: RRRRRRRRRRRR... GGGGGGGGGGGG... BBBBBBBBBBBB... AAAAAAAAAAAA... I would like to grab all four channels at once to use ...
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  • Strange fluctuating completion time on APU GPU

    Hi, I'm working on a framework for classification and scheduling of computations on heterogeneous multi-device platforms. I recently added a simple computation to the training samples set which performs the sum-of-c...
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  • vload4 vs 4 individual memory accesses : bank conflicts

    What is the advantage of vload4 over 4 single memory accesses? Suppose I am loading memory from local memory. Below are two kernels. The second kernel should exhibit no bank conflict. Does the first have bank conflict...
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  • OpenCL 2.0 producer/consumer pattern example on Kaveri HSA Beta

    Hi, The Kaveri OpenCL Programmer Guide.docx suggests that producer/consumer patterns are allowed, is it possible to have an example please? I'm running on the HSA Beta. What can be used as a semaphore between the ...
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  • How to use AMD Display Library (ADL) to adjust overlap compensation of eyefinity?

    I want to adjust the image of an AMD Eyefinity display group to compensate for overlapping edges between display images. But I find there's no direct API or sample code in ADL SDK.   There's only two sample proj...
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  • HSA Linux kernel driver v0.8 released

    AMD Releases HSA Linux kernel driver v0.8 at HSAFoundation/HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD · GitHub. What's New in kfd v0.8 Based on kernel 3.14.11 Supports HSA signals (kfd events) Enable allocating memory from GPU l...
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  • hsa kernel driver and radeon module

    Hello,   1- I am about to install hsa enabled kernel from the github. I noticed something. The HSA kernel driver ("radeon-kfd"), which works with the radeon graphics driver. I am currently using the fglrx mo...
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  • ‘clSVMAlloc’ was not declared in this scope

    I installed latest driver (amd-catalyst-desktop-apu-linux-x86-x86-64-14.201.1008)  for A8-3850 APU, does it mean that I cannot use clSVMAlloc( ) because It's not Kaveri APU?   When I use clSVMAlloc in my pr...
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  • Linux OpenCL Console Mode: Execute code as user

    In April 2013 AMD officially released Catalyst 13.4 for Linux with OpenCL Console Mode Support: AMD Catalyst™ 13.4 Proprietary Linux Graphics Driver Release Notes   Console mode does not detect my HD 5000...
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  • Scratch registers - how to prevent their usage?

    I use fixed-size array in registers to reduce fetch size required by kernel.   At some size (11 elements) kernel performance dropped considerably (3 times slowdown) and 22 scratch registers were used.   Ke...
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  • "Application was unable to start" error for clamdfft

    Hi,   On windows 7 64 bit platform, with AMD APP SDK 2.8v I am using clamdfft. I have Radeon 7470 GPU and AMD A6 cpu.   For my clamdfft based programs, when I run it pops up an error saying, "The applicat...
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  • Obtain simple GPU load in cross-platform manner

    Hi,   I have recently taken a look at AGS and GPUPerfAPI, but something is not clear to me. How could I obtain simple things such as GPU Load, clocks, temp, and all of the context independent stuff? The ugly way...
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  • Using GPUPerfStudio client under wine

    Realizing that GPUPerfStudio is meant for windows, I decided to try it out under wine. It works great! Use winetricks to get the .NET runtime 4.0.   Well, I wouldn't be posting if I didn't have a question. I can...
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  • Blender Cycles(Opencl on AMD GPUS)

    Dear Opencl Developer Why doesn't the AMD opencl compiler work with blender cycles? whenever i compile the blender cycles kernel, the system either crashes due to lack of memory, or takes too long to compile the ble...
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  • Intro to OpenCL Webinar replay

    If you weren't able to join us for our "Introduction to OpenCL using AMD GPUs" webinar yesterday, presented in partnership with Accelerware's Chris Mason, you can see a replay of it here: bit.ly/1r3DgfF We had great...
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