• How many shader cores in AMD A8-6410?

    Hello, the question is how many shader cores in AMD Beema A8-6410 Radeon R5 gpu? There is many information: 128like other Beema/Kabini/Mullins/Teemash, 256,386, 512. In many test programs(like GPU-Z or AIDA) in revie...
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  • AMD's GPU (Z430, Z160) support in i.MX535 Freescale Processor

    Hi, Using iMX535 in my custom hardware. Understood that the GPU used is AMD's Z430 for 3D and Z160 for 2D. Freescale had supported Android2.3 (kernel 2.6.35) libs / binaries for the GPU, based on which our custom BS...
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  • SimpleEncode sample runs very slow on Radeon R9 200 Series

    Hello, Recently I downloaded this Media SDK 1.1 Beta and compiled SimpleEncode sample on one of my computer with AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (Driver 14.501.1003.0) and AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics I let it ...
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  • 'SimpleDecoder' result came out weird

    Hello.   I was running 'SimpleDecoder' which provided by sample when i install Media SDK.   This project is decode h264 file to yuv(NV12).   But the result of decoded file(yuv) is weird.   This...
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  • enqueueFillBuffer not visible on the CodeXL profile

    Hello,   While profiling an OpenCL application on my Radeon HD 7970, I noticed that CodeXL 1.6-7247 on Ubuntu 12.04 does not display the enqueueFillBuffer calls on the kernel execution timeline. Of course it is ...
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  • Linking clFFT

    Hello,   I am new to ocl. I am running an HD 7950 and trying out various tests to see if I can speed up my fluid flow simulations which are in fp64.   Basic ocl  tests are ok, but I got stuck with th...
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  • Is there documentation - register reference for Kabini/Beema and Kaveri/Godavari ?

    I am toying with an idea of rolling my own 2D routines that would be able to leverage particularities of APUs ( shaed memory) to their own advantage.   But for that I need info on how exactly is display being ge...
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  • Does anyone understand the mention of DH and BH in table 1-12 in AMD64 Architecture Programmer’s Manual Volume 3?

    I'm looking at table 1-12 in "AMD64 Architecture Programmer’s Manual Volume 3: General-Purpose and System Instructions" revision 3.21 (Picture attached). It mentions DH and BH in the base register column for Mod...
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  • Guide to run OpenCL headless, without X server and as normal user

    EDIT: this guide is no more relevant as from catalyst 14.12 omega it is supported to run OpenCL applications without Xserver. read discussion below.   You may know that you can run OpenCL program as root without...
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  • Decoding errors in AMF-DEM H.264 output

    Hi,   I get corrupted H.264 stream from AMF-DEM example.   FFMPEG error messages: [h264 @ 0000000006877a80] mb_type 3722 in I slice too large at 118 36 [h264 @ 0000000006877a80] error while decoding MB 1...
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  • AMFDemBuffer.GetTimeStamp() always returns 0

    Hi,   AMFDemBuffer carrying DEM_A_ES, AMFDemBuffer.GetTimeStamp() always returns 0 when capturing audio and video elementary streams using DEM_AV_ES.   What is the proper way to synchronize audio and video...
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  • DEM sample on radeon R7 200 Series

    Hello.   Can anyone help or suggest with?   After secceeded bulding ( Debug and Release 32-64 ) and after running the application ( as "screenCapture.exe -o out -c exampleConfig.cfg -l 2 " ) I get a video ...
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  • ADL_Display_PossibleMode_Get on Linux

    Hello everybody,   I am having some difficulties while trying to get the possible modes for each connected display on Ubuntu 12.04 with latest 14.301 FirePro drivers. Following the adlutil example from ADL_7.0...
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  • CodeXL R7 + R9 problem

    Hello,   I am trying to use CodeXL with Kaveri R7 + R9 290x. However CodeXL somehow limits the available GPU's to the one which is connected to the main desktop.  I am using latest omega drivers with app sd...
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  • Where can I find the source code to decode h264 where in 'SimpleDecoder' project?

    Hello.   I was running 'SimpleDecoder' which provided sample when i installed Media SDK. (Full path of project : C:\Users\N1\AMD Media SDK\1.1\samples\amf\simpleDecoder)   I want to debugging this project,...
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  • How to force OpenGL texture/buffer memory to be freed?

    In our application, (rather large) texture and buffer resources are created and destroyed at various points during the course of execution. Sadly, these resources do not seem to be freed by the driver after the textur...
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  • Transform feedback objects not working as intended?

    Hello!   Currently I've been working on increasing the performance of character rendering by first performing the skinning in a vertex shader using transform feedbacks, and then render the skinned version of the...
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  • HSA debugging

    Hi,   I know it is probably a stupid question - but what are APIs available for the debugger developer? For instance there's a possibility to set up hardware breakpoint in HSAIL, but how is it supposed to be c...
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  • I had an idea how to use 2D to represent 3D, would this be usefull on developing?

    Hi guys, I'm a Brazillian Civil Engineer and I'm 24 years old. I had and idea and I dont know who to tell this. I dont know about developing and would like to receive some feedback about this idea.   So I thought...
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  • Comprehensive instruction latency table

    Hi!   I am creating slides for a university course and I was looking to compare various instruction latencies on CPUs and GPUs. Inside the OpenCL Optimization Guide, there is a very short table for VLIW instruct...
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