• glMultiDrawElementsIndirect() system hangs

    With the latest beta driver 15.4 on a Radeon 5870 powered laptop I have experienced system hangs consistently when drawing a zero count number of elements.  I have had quite a few system hangs and strange behavio...
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  • AMD FirePro Device IDs

    Is there an update list of AMD FirePro cards and their respective Device IDs? http://developer.amd.com/resources/hardware-drivers/ati-catalyst-pc-vendor-id-1002-li/ seems to be out of date.
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  • When will Blender build be available with performance improvements?

    I can't install it now, becouse ubuntu 14.04.2 uses Xorg 1.16.1, and fglrx14.301 can work only with 1.15, but I install ubuntu 14.04 and install on it fglrx 14.301. OpenCL is works, but ubuntu want's to update fglrx p...
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  • BSOD / hang-up for OpenCL program

    Hi,   I have a work-station with three 7970Ghz Tahitis on which OpenCL simulations (self-written) run. After weeks without problems for simulation #1 now for simulation # 2 (most parts are identical, but #2 has ...
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  • atiadlxy.dll not present on 32 Bit Windows

    Hello,   I'm the developer of a free application. I have a problem with an user where the atiadlxy.dll is missing. My program loads the atiadlxy.dll and calls various functions exported by the API. Without it's...
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  • GLSL compute shader incompatibilities

    Hello, in my project, I use GLSL compute shaders (version 430) and I have two problems with the application when running on AMD Radeon R9 270X graphics card. I tried with Catalyst 14.12 and 15.3 drivers. Both version...
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  • HSA-HLC stable and enqueue_kernel

    I have two questions: Is there any ETA on update of HSAFoundation/HSAIL-HLC-Stable · GitHub ? Is there an example of using enqueue_kernel with HSA runtime ?      HSAIL-HLC-Stable generate...
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    Hi, I'm a student and I'm looking for old amd-app-sdk because I need samples in c language (not c++); in particular I would like DCT and IDCT samples C/OpenCL. Can someone help me?   Thanks
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  • Exact meaning of ALU latency measurements?

    On section 6.6.1 of APP guide, "hiding ALU and Memory Latency" I read: The read-after-write latency for most arithmetic operations (a floating-point add, for example) is only four cycles. Read-after-write... since SI...
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  • Stack overflow in clBuildProgram on Catalyst 14.12 with R9 290

    When I try to compile certain OpenCL code on a machine with R9 290 installed running a Catalyst 14.12 driver, the program crashes with stack overflow in amdocl64.dll when calling clBuildProgram. The same code compile...
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  • Binary produced for Hawaii with CL_CONTEXT_OFFLINE_DEVICES_AMD is not working correctly in Catalyst 14.12

    We ship our applications with a number of binaries for different GPUs. The binaries are produced by compiling source OpenCL files with clBuildProgram ("-fno-bin-source -fno-bin-llvmir -fno-bin-amdil -fbin-exe") in a c...
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  • clEnqueueWriteBufferRect does not work when region width is not equal to src pitch: broken again in Catalyst 14.12

    I have already reported this problem in an earlier post: http://devgurus.amd.com/thread/160312 and the error has been fixed in Catalyst 13.4. However, the error seems to be reintroduced in Catalyst 14.12. The error ...
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  • Transform Feedback Objects and AMD Radeon HD 7900 series

    I seem to be having problems with Transform Feedback Objects work with an AMD Radeon HD 7900 series GPU. Basically I'm using the OpenGL Super Bible Chapter 7 example on spring mass systems and transform feedback. In f...
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  • atiogl.xml

    Hi guys   I want to ask you,if you could add to newer drivers packages atiogl.xml,as I'm using Poser Pro or other 3D SW where I'm suffering with strange OpenGL performance,as per this thread Poser Pro 2014 probl...
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  • OpenCL on 14.12 Omega driver crack's OpenCL on linux

    Hi, I have a amd kabini laptop, it's on AMD A6-5200, there is Radeon HD8400 and Radeon HD8570, Some time ago I can use opencl on my laptop for rendering in blender or using handbrake, libroffice, it can be done for a...
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  • What is AMD Beema's UVD cpec's?

    Hi, the question about AMD Beema's UVD specs, what video codec's and resolutions it can run by hardware decoding/encoding? As I see on my Kabini, almost all formats is around 2112x1212 max, and what about beema?
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  • Enabling HP Compaq Pro 6305 Desktop for DASH Management

    This post will illustrate how DASH option can be enabled on fresh HP 6305 system and later provisioned for access from management consoles.  HP 6305 comes with Broadcom 5761 ethernet controller. DASH management ...
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  • Pinned memory makes driver very happy

    This is odd; I have a few relatively small intermediate buffers that I used to create on the device only.   I will now be needing to process these buffers on the host, so I tried creating them with pinned host m...
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  • What difference between "VGA compatible controller" and "Display controller"?

    In my Lenovo IdeaPad G500A (59-381065) (openSUSE 13.1) I have the following graphics system: Intel HD Graphics 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 8750M; #  lspci | grep 'VGA\|ATI' 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel ...
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  • Small Matrix Multiplication

    Hello,   Most/all off-the-shelf routines for doing matrix-matrix multiplication are suitable for large matrices. The problems I am trying to run on a gpu (280X) involve large number - typically 200-300K - of r...
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