• Random numbers in OpenCL

    Does anyone have a simple random # generator for OpenCL kernel? The links on http://devgurus.amd.com/message/1178689 are both broken. Uploading them from the host is not practical.
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  • List of platforms supported by OpenCL 2.0 driver

    We have updated the list of AMD products supported by the early release of the OpenCL 2.0 driver. You can find that list here:   The original page listed supported product families, but in some cases particular ...
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  • DASHConfig Error - Test for WMI Provider Failed

    I've bought a couple of DASH capable laptops to try out on my SCCM server. I have the new AMPs plugin installed but I'm having trouble getting my clients configured.   I keep getting a "Test for  WMI provid...
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  • Feedback discussion: How is AMD doing for developers?

    My goal is to ensure that you as a software developer: Get what you need to develop code for AMD platforms Know where to find it     Use this thread to provide feedback to AMD developer outreach.&nb...
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  • Bugs on Linux with GL state queries

    There are a couple of GL state queries that fail on linux, namely GL_VERTEX_BINDING_BUFFER and GL_POLYGON_MODE. The former is listed as an unrecognised enum to glGetIntegeri_v. GL_POLYGON_MODE is recognised, but it cl...
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  • clSetKernelArgSVMPointer() does not support a constant?

    main.cpp:   cl_uchar4* svmbuffer=(cl_uchar4*)clSVMAlloc(....) cl_uchar4* svmoutbuffer=(cl_uchar4*)clSVMAlloc(....) int n=2; ............... status = clSetKernelArgSVMPointer(kernel2D,0,svmbuffer); status = ...
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  • ATI MPEG Video Encoder, Set encoding properties in code

    Hi,   I've been working on a project that requires video encoding. For practical purposes of the project I don't have a lot of choice in technologies being used and am forced to use DirectShow to encode video. I...
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  • AMD Eyefinity Best Practices Guide

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get a copy or view the AMD Eyefinity Best Practices Guide for game developers? I have given up after 30 minutes of searching on my own and registered with this site to see if someone can a...
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  • DOPP on W600 and with login screen?

    I read earlier that in order to use DOPP, one must use a W5000 or higher... is that still the case?  Did support for the W600 ever happen?   In addition, I was wondering if DOPP can be used to warp the Wind...
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  • passing SVM pointers in struct?

    Can you pass SVM pointers to kernel in a struct by value?   I'm trying to do this, but I get a segmentation fault when I set the argument with AMD's drivers. It works with intel's opencl drivers, though.   ...
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  • How do I get email notification of activity?

    Click your name in the top right corner and choose Preferences.   On the preferences page you can choose how you get notified. A common solution is to turn on "Everything in my Inbox page." Check out the other o...
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  • FAQ: AMD Developer Forums

    Welcome to the AMD Developer Central Forums where developers can ask and answer questions. If you are new to our forums, here are a few discussion threads & links that may help you get started or answer some quest...
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  • DOPP & Windows 8

    Hi,   I was wondering which versions of windows are supported by DOPP.   Perhaps the question is different: which windows version is the best fit for DOPP i.e. which windows would be more stable with DOPP...
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  • AMD FirePro D.O.P.P API - Where to Find Detailed Document

    Dear Friends,   I want to develop applications of post-processing the content of framebuffer  before it is presented.  The manual of FirePro card, such as W9000, lists one feature 'D.O.P.P' which is m...
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  • Forum conduct standards

    This is a community of professionals, and as a community we expect professional conduct. In the context of the forums, this means: No profanity – using wildcards to replace letters in a profane word does no...
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  • AMD Mantle Terminology Question

    In the Mantle presentation there is something called "Resource Renaming" I have seen the same words in the DirectX 12 presentation.   Can somebody provide a good definition?   Regards
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  • segmentation fault inside clBuildProgram (bug demonstration attached)

    I have a particular OpenCL program that is revealing a bug with clBuildProgam for AMD CPU device.  After several recent code changes, my OpenCL kernel/program will compile just fine on Apple and NVIDIA platforms,...
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  • Display port outputs changing on device connect/disconnect. Way to fix outputs?

    Hey all,   I've got an eyefinity 6 7870 on a centos 6 box running catalyst 14.6. I'm trying have each display be a separate xdisplay so that programs can write to x0:0, x0:1, etc... The issue I've come across i...
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  • RLEJPEG-Sample-Files dosn't work on my PC which has AMD graphic card.

    hello. i'm beginner of develope AMD codes.   So, I downloaded sample files on AMD's Developer site, which is RLDJPEG-Sample-Files.   This source codes is build success and can get result of codes in my not...
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  • Does anybody know about capturing close caption from the ATI Theater 750

    We are experimenting with capturing the close caption line 21 from the ATI Theater 750 Does anybody know which SDK can be used to do what we need. Please send to rshapiro2@msn.com Thank you, Bob Shapiro
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