• Values on Radeon HD 7520G running less than optimum performance

    Hi, my video card is not being utilize completely. the same thing happened to the HD 7870 on update 13.1 /, and this has been a problem for around two months. I don't think too many people updated, but ...
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  • How to view texture parameter state in GPU PerfStudio?

    I'm trying to debug a Windows OpenGL app that uses the fixed-function pipeline. In GPU PerfStudio, how do I see current values for things like addressing mode, max anisotropy, and min/mag filters? The pane labelled 'G...
    Andrew McDonald
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  • ADL only works if a display is ACTIVE on the card

    So I'm trying to run OpenCL calculations and related ADL operations on a multi-gpu (no SLI/CrossFire) setup. I just bough a new R9 270x. My problem is that ADL only works if there is an active display on the card. Act...
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  • Amd please make a feature like nvidia ShadowPlay

    Hello!   I own a 7970 and a nvidia card, 2 computers. And i miss the funtion ShadowPlay very much in the Amd driver/program!   Do you have any plans to implement the recording/streaming software to your gr...
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  • Driver hang when using an array of sampler2DArray + dynamic indexing

    So I'm using a   sampler2DArray Texture0[ 2 ];   I'm not entirely sure dynamic indexing into them is supported on GL 4.3 cause I got the idea from a slide at GDC 2014 that had AMD on it. AMD was actually t...
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  • GPUPerf Studio - Windows 8.1

    Hello,   I tested GPUPeft Studio on Windows 8.1 and unfortunately, it's not working. After i connect to the server ( this seems to be working ), i choose DX11 API, GPUPerf Studio freeze. I tested compability m...
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  • Performance level for Radeon HD 7970

    Hello! 1. How to fix the performance level at the maximum level for the graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7970? 2. Under what conditions will switch performance level?
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  • My video ram has decreased why?

    I have a 7520G HD descrete card on my laptop and it is running at 512 MB rather than 2GB. I have tried everything. It's AMD Radeon. I have reinstalled drivers and software for this card around 18 times. I have ref...
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  • how to actually use hsa

    Dear list,          i am involved in a "towards exascale"  EU funded project, and i am attempting to understand if the HSA can fit our needs.   Essentially our prob...
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  • Mantle SDK

    Now that the mantle API is finally supported by the latest drivers, where can I download the SDK? I can find no reference to any developer documentation, API reference, or headers and libraries to download whatsoever....
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  • ADL Overdrive6 Voltage Control

    Hello,   I am attempting to use ADL SDK to set the voltage of my R9 280x. I found the examples from the most recent ADL v6.0 SDK source, but there does not appear to be an example for voltage control. I assume t...
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  • 13.12 drivers not building for Ubuntu 13.10:     /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/13.251/build/2.6.x/kcl_acpi.c:999:5: error: too few arguments to function ‘(acpi_status (*)(u32,  void *, void *))handler’

    When trying to build a package for Ubuntu 13.10 32 bit version of proprietary drivers downloaded from amd's site with following command :   $ sudo ./amd-catalyst-13.12-linux-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/sau...
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  • How to minitor multiple gpus' performance?

    I am working on a PC that has three firepro tm installed in. To make sure whether I'm successful to assign opengl works to the given gpu, I want to monitor the working status of all the gpus.I have tried GPUPerfStudio...
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  • GPUPerfAPI vs profiling

    Hi,   I am starting to get my head into GPU profiling (both OpenCL and OpenGL) and I was wondering if the GPUPerfAPI was able to give me events on OpenCL's kernel functions being executed (profiling) or OpenGL A...
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  • Eyefinity unsupported configurations

    I would like to have 4x1 monitors in portrait orientation or 2x2 with two monitors in landscape and two in portrait mode, but this configurations Eyefinity does not support. Is it possible using SDK or some other pla...
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  • GPU PerfStudio - debugged application crashes when attempting to use Frame Profiler

    I get the following error when trying to use frame profiler on ANY application. In the error log below, the app used was AMD's sample TressFX11 but the same happened with all the apps I tried so far. Currently running...
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  • GPU Driver problem!

    Hi all!! I want your help i have a serious problem with my pc...I have AMD R9 290X and there is problem with drivers...Now i have installed the latest drivers 14.2 catalyst beta v1.3 but some times my monitor goes to ...
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  • AMD Intermediate Language for APU machines

    Can you tell me what is the Intermediate Language for AMD's APU machines (in particular, APU A10-5800)? Is it AMD IL? And how can I retrieve the AMD IL from an executable? For the discrete Radeon AMD GPU, I used the b...
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  • GPU ShaderAnalyzer 1.59 is now available

    This release adds analysis modules for Catalyst 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 and 12.4.   http://developer.amd.com/tools/shader/Pages/default.aspx
    Roland Ouellette
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  • glTexStorage3D(GL_PROXY_TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY, 1, GL_R8, 256, 256, 128);

    This code generates an "Out of Memory" error in driver 13.12 with Radeon R9 290
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