• Webinar - Debug your way through OpenGL, GLES, DX11 & DX12 using GPU PerfStudio

    We still have a few open seats for tomorrow's webinar, so if you are interested, feel free to sign up at the link below. The webinar is: Debug your way through OpenGL, GLES, DX11 & DX12 using GPU PerfStudio. Her...
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  • Shader Analyzer wave occupancy view features does not work

    Hi, the new Shader Analyzer wave occupancy view features does not work, on shader compilation I got this error:   ************** Testo dell'eccezione ************** System.Data.MissingPrimaryKeyException: La ta...
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  • GPU PerfStudio 3.2 Released

    GPU PerfStudio 3.2 has been released on developer.amd.com. This version is the most stable yet and works with the largest number of titles to date. New features include support for OpenGL ES 3.0, Frame Based Instant C...
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  • Incorrect average calculation in the frame profiler

    Hi,   I use GPU PerfStudio to know a bottleneck of my OpenGL program. Especially, I often use the frame profiler in GPU Perfstudio. When I push the 'profile' button, statistics data are shown in a table. The dat...
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  • How to measure CPU global memory bandwidth with SVM?

         What i am trying is to measure the CPU global memory bandwidth with SVM. The AMD benchmark "GlobalBandwidth" offered such function for GPU. However my CPU doesn't support SVM, so the data for ...
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  • "-I" command line parameter for GPUPerfStudioAnalyzer.exe seems to not work

    I'm setting it in Shader Analyzer, in the compilation settings, in "Additional Custom Arguments". And I'm getting this error:   *************** Build Began for 1 Devices*************** X.hlsl(57,10-20): error X...
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  • GPU PerfStudio for DirectX 9  or DirectX 10

    Hello,   I downloaded GPU PerfStudio 3 but it doesn't work for DX 9 or 10 How to get a former version working with DX 9 or 10 (v <= 2.4 from AMD site) ?   It is impossible to find working links (old li...
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  • Shader Analyzer A/B diff

    Hi,   I'm finding shader analyzer to be extremely useful, but I'm missing a feature to allow to write two versions of the same code, and have the tool diff the assembly count, vgpr, etc. This is a large workflow...
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  • ADL and enumeration for 8 GPUs

    I am trying to code an application to get the load/temperature/memusage of about 8 gpu's simultaneously on a single screen; please let me know if there is a tool that does it already as i don't want to reinvent the wh...
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  • Questions about GPU Perfstudio

    Hi,   I have a few questions about GPU Perfstudio.   1) Why I cannot know values of compute-shader-realated counters when I use OpenGL instead of DirectX? I do not know why the current GPU Perfstudio versi...
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  • Bug Report for driver 14.9

    On Windows some users experience a "pure virtual function call" error on startup: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/11037-leadwerks-33-beta-is-crashing-on-start/   According to this user, 14.9 and 14.9.1...
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  • Perfstudio page down?

    http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/graphics-development/gpu-perfstudio/ seems to be down, don't suppose you have a direct link to the latest perfstudio?   Cheers, Chris
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  • ADL2_Overdrive6_Temperature_Get and X server

    Hi all!   I run C/OpenCL codes for some calculations on a remote Linux machine. I want to monitor GPU temperature, so if it gets too high, the code execution stops. But sadly, ADL function ADL2_Overdrive6_Temper...
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  • GPUPerfAPi 2.14 on Kaveri with Catalyst 14.9.

    Hi, I'm using GPUPerfAPI 2.14 in a DX11 application. It works fine with R9 270X cards, but does not with a Kaveri A7850K PC, GPA_Initialize() returns GPA_STATUS_ERROR_FAILED. GPUPerfApi 2.14 is supposed to support A...
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  • GPU PerfStudio3.1 Update released

    GPUPerfStudio3.1.324 has just been released and contains a fix for compute shader counters showing non zero values when no compute shader is in use and a fix for incorrect CSVALUInsts counter values.   http://de...
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  • GPUPerfAPI 2.15 has been released

    GPUPerfAPI v2.15 has been released and can be downloaded from http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/graphics-development/gpuperfapi/.   Included in this release: Add support for additional GPUs and APUs. Imp...
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  • I can't download the RenderMonkey,why?

    follow the title
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  • GPU Programming Question

    Hi,   Is there an AMD equivalent to nVidia's jitPTX?  Or a way do dynamically generate code?   Thanks!
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  • How to implement ADL_SDK's ADL_Display_ReadAndWriteI2C() function or api call?

    Hello,      I am trying to access a device at i2c address 0011110 and I would like to use ADL_SDK's ADL_Display_ReadAndWriteI2c() to do so. I can see that it takes in a iAdapterIndex and an ADLI2...
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  • NEW - GPU PerfStudio 3.1 has been released

    NEW - GPU PerfStudio 3.1 has been released and can be downloaded from http://developer.amd.com/tools-and-sdks/graphics-development/gpu-perfstudio/ It includes: * GPU ShaderAnalyzer for GCN - Optimize your shader cod...
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